" Vividness "

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[Colorful/Colorful] [Vivid]

[Vibrancy] [Lively]

A minimalist stool made by a design company

A simple, collapsible stool made by combining three MDF boards.

It is assembled, so it can be stored without taking up space when not in use. Since no tools are required, it can be carried compactly and can be used for a variety of purposes in various situations such as at home and outdoors. It is also useful in business situations such as in-house training and meetings.

We also recommend using it as a side table in addition to being a chair.

Compact shipping also indirectly contributes to reducing CO2 emissions

The MDF used is 9mm thick and strong. The design is designed to minimize waste during the manufacturing process.

When not in use, the stool can be disassembled to save space and can be stored in a compact package.

By reducing packaging size even slightly, we indirectly contribute to reducing energy emissions during transportation and CO2 emissions through reduced packaging materials.

Uses environmentally friendly materials

MDF is made by cutting wood into fine fibers, drying it, adding adhesive, and pressing it. Colored MDF is made by coloring the raw fibers after drying, so there is no uneven coloring like with paint. Also, due to the complex manufacturing process, it is only produced in three factories in the world.

The raw material used is Radiata pine from New Zealand. (This product meets the requirements for FSC® certification, and we are planning to apply for certification.) The MDF itself is also made from thinned wood and scraps generated during processing. It is an ecologically suitable material, as it makes full use of wood without waste.


Available in a total of eight colors. A wide variety of colors


We recommend using it in a single color, as well as mixing it with other colors.